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Mini Perfume Bottles
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M1A

This GORGEOUS mini perfume bottle is from my personal collection!

Encased in a Gold filigree jacket with mounted Amethyst colored jewels, this mini CZECH perfume bottle is sure to please the most advanced collector. Standing a mere 2 3/8" in height, the white hand- applied enamel is completely intact, the dauber is present. The unusual stopper is executed with a leaf motif, with the attached metal tag, "made in Czechoslovakia." There are ten Amethyst tear-drop shaped jewels crowning the very top of the stopper. This antique treasure is in EXCELLENT condition. ID=AM1A

Mini Perfume  ID M2A

This vintage Czech mini perfume bottle is an unusual find. It is just 2 1/8" tall and is wrapped with five Gold filigree panels. Each panel has a bezel set PINK faceted stone with White enamel decorations used as accents. In great condition, this petite perfume bottle woukd be lovely in your curio cabinet. ID=AM2A

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M3C
This vintage Czech mini perfume bottle measures just 2 1/8" tall. On the front of the bottle is a courting scene, with a man playing music for his lady fair. The bottle has a band of filigree completely encircling it with mounted Citron Yellow colored rhinestones on the shoulders. The same Citron Yellow stones are mounted on the filigree on each side of the courting scene. The top of the stopper has a portrait of a dark haired maiden. This little beauty is in wonderful condition, the dauber is present, signed on an applied metal tag, "Czechoslovakia". ID=M3B
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M4B
Standing 1 7/8" tall, this tiny Czech mini perfume is big in personality. The glass bottle is completely encased in a gold filigree jacket. Mounted on the front center of the bottle is a pale Green (Peridot colored) stone. It is surrounded by four smaller Pale Green rhinestones, with four alternating white enamel decorations. The capstone is pale Green as well. Attached to the filigree top is a plaque which is impressed Czechoslovakia. This Czech perfume bottle in excellent vintage condition. ID=M4B
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M5C
This mini Czech perfume bottle is shaped like a hat box. The Blue glass bottle is encased in a Gold metal jacket. Mounted on the Gold jacket are Blue faceted rhinestones. The stopper has a Blue capstone. In excellent condition, the dauber is intact. This is a fabulous example of pre WW2 Czechoslovakian design. ID=M5A
Mini Perfume  ID M6

I am offering another vintage Czech perfume bottle for sale. This little treasure is decorated with what is known as a "courting scene". Mounted on the front of the perfume bottle is a plaque decorated with a couple in period clothing strolling arm in arm. There is White enamel decoration and mounted Lapiz Blue colored stones flanking the plaque. Encircling the bottle is a band of filigree. Mounted on top of the stopper is a portrait of a lady with brown curls. In great condition, the dauber is present. It is signed, Czechoslovakia on the applied metal tag. ID=M6
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M7B
This little treasure is 2 1/8" tall. The Gold metal jacket is very detailed and without any discoloration, or flaws on any type. Again, we have a center faceted stone which is a brilliant Emerald Green. There are two panels of White enamel on each side of the center stone. Alternating around the front of the bottle are four brilliant Emerald Green matching stones. In fabulous condition, dauber intact, and signed on a metal plaque on the back bottom center of the bottle, Czechoslovakia. ID=M7B
Mini Perfume  ID M7C

This vintage Czech mini stands 2 1/4" in height. The glass bottle is encased in a Gold metal jacket. There is a floral shaped panel on the front of the bottle, with a single Teal Blue opalescent center stone, with Teal Blue rhinestones accents surrounding it. The capstone features a matching Teal Blue opalescent stone. This bottle is hard to find, especially with the color of the Rhinestones. ID=M7C

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M8a
This figural crowntop perfume bottle stands 3 3/4" tall and features a stylized parrot perched on a table. The parrot is done in vibrant tones of Yellow and Orange. The back of the bottle has the word Germany, and 8641 impressed underneath it. This bottle would be an asset to your mini or figural crowntop perfume bottle collection. ID=M8A $175.00
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M9A
What a cutie! This little German crowntop KEWPIE doll perfume bottle stands 2 3/4" tall. It is hand-painted porcelain and signed "Germany" on the base. The crown shaped mtal stopper has the cork attached to it. This little antique perfume bottle would be an asset to your perfume bottle or kewpie doll collection. ID=M9a
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M10B
This vintage mini perfume bottle is encased in Gold metal filigree. The front of the bottle is adorned with a Lapiz Blue center stone. There are four smaller matching stones, with White enameled decorations alternating between the stones. The capstone is signed, Czechoslovakia, and is crowned with a matching Lapiz Blue stone. In very nice condition, with the glass dauber intact.

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M11D
Here is another unusual perfume bottle from my collection. Standing just 2 1/2" tall. The glass bottle is completely encased in a Gold metal filigree jacket. Mounted on the front in the center of the perfume bottle there is a Green molded flower resembling jade. The center stone is flanked by two Green bezel-set stones. Above and below the center stone there is lovely hand-applied White enameled accents.The stopper has a filigree mount with a matching Green molded capstone. Attached to the metalwork there is an embossed tag that reads "Czechoslovakia". The original dauber is intact. This magnificent little purse perfume is sure to please. ID=M11D
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M12B
This HARD TO FIND maiden is what is known as a "NAUGHTIE". These squirter bottles usually depict a partially clad woman with her breast showing. On top of these vessels was a rubber ball that when depressed would squirt ... These were popular in the Victorian era, and were usually made in Germany. This particular lady was produced in Japan, in the 1950's. ID=M12B
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M13a
This little Victorian perfume bottle was acquired at an estate sale in Virginia City, Nevada. This lady had traveled the world and was an avid collector of perfume bottles. This bottle is in the shape of a ewer and is comprised of shell mounted on a gold metal base. The top ls crown shaped. A cherished treasure from the Comstock Lode mining days. ID=M13a
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M14B

This very hard-to-find Lipstick shaped mini CZECH perfume bottle is from my personal collection.

This unusual vintage Czech perfume bottle has been in my collection for twenty years! Standing 2 5/8" tall this little treasure is known to collectors as "The lipstick bottle." The glass perfume bottle is wrapped in Gold filigree. There are nine bezel-set Emerald Green colored stones encircling the bottle. Near the shoulders of the bottle there is a band of hand-applied White enamel decoration, and another encircling the bottle near the base. The prong-set Emerald Green capstone is faceted, and is larger than the typical Czech mini capstone. Mounted on the side of the stopper is an embossed tag that reads, "made in Czechoslovakia." This unusual CZECH mini perfume bottle would be an asset to your collection of Czechoslovakian perfume bottles. ID=M14B

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M15A
This antique mini perfume bottle sits inside a round filigree cage. The top is hinged and opens to reveal the glass perfume bottle inside. Adorned with Green rhinestones, and white enamelled decorations, it measures only 2" tall. Marked on the metal "Irice", this perfume bottle was featured in an ad for IRICE in 1938. This is a very hard to find Czech perfume bottle. A MUST HAVE for your mini perfume bottle collection. ID=M15a
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M16B
This vintage CZECH mini perfume bottle is encased Gold filigree. Standing just 2 5/8" tall this little bottle features a Sapphire Blue mounted jewel on the center of the bottle with six smaller jewels surrounding around it. Mounted on the stopper is a matching Blue faceted stone. The original dauber is present, and when the stopper is off, the original fragrance lingers. Embossed on the metal base, IRICE. ID=AM16B
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M17D

Here is another gorgeous mini perfume bottle for you. Standing 2 1/4" tall, this perfume bottle features a faceted RED stone mounted on the center of the bottle. There are three White enamel leaf decorations, encircling the center stone, with a RED stone mounted in between each leaf. There are two additional RED stones mounted on the shoulders of the bottle. In excellent condition, the original dauber is intact. It is signed Czechoslovakia, on the metal tag which is mounted on the side of the metal stopper. The capstone is 1/4" tall, and is Red with facets. This MINI really is a showstopper! ID=M17D

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M18a
This figural crowntop perfume bottle stands 3 5/8" tall. It features a lady in foreign attire wearing a headdress. Signed on the back of the bottle with the impressed Sitzendorf mark and 2335. It is in excellent condition, and would be a nice addition to your figural or crowntop perfume bottle collection. ID=M18A
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M19A
This vintage figural perfume atomizer is comprised of porcelain. The bottle depicts an elephant. It stands, 2 ¼ inches high, and dates from the early 1900’s. The bottle is in excellent condition, however the rubber atomizer bulb is long gone as is the case with many old perfume atomizers. The elephant perfume bottle is much like the German crowntop bottles, however, an atomizer fitting was mounted on the opening instead of the usual crowntop with a cork. The atomizer top has the original cover for the spray opening on a chain that has a ring that is held in place by the bulb base. This unusual perfume bottle would be a nice addition to any mini perfume bottle collection, or a great gift for Elephant lovers. ID=M19a
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M20A
This figural perfume bottle is for all of the CROWNTOP collectors. This German ELEPHANT perfume bottle stands 2 1/8". It is porcelain with the Brown glaze which is so typical of the German crowntop bottles from this era. In excellent ORIGINAL condition, without damage of any type. The back of the bottle near the base, is impressed "Germany". ID=M20a
Mini Perfume  ID M21B

This Czech perfume bottle stands 2 1/4" tall. The glass bottle has a gold filigree band that encircles the bottle. The front of the bottle has a gold stylized flower with an Orange stone in the center. The stopper features a mounted Orange capstone stone. In great condition, this mini perfume bottle would be an asset to your collection. ID=M21B

Mini Perfume Bottle ID OT43
This Item Also Listed in the "Other Bottles Section"

This unusual antique PORCELAIN perfume bottle came from an estate sale in Virginia City, Nevada. It is 2 1/5" tall and features a bird in flight and a floral scene. It is hand-painted. The top screws on and is made of a silver colored metal with a cork pad in the very top. There is slight discoloration, and a two dents. I was told that this perfume bottle was made in Europe. ID=OT43
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M20
This COBALT blue mini perfume stands 2 7/8" tall. The stopper is 1" tall and features filigree with a floral motif and a blue stone crowning the top. It is in excellent condition and retains the original dauber. A very nice perfume bottle for your perfume bottle collection or vanity tray. ID=M20 $125.00
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M21A
This antique Czechoslovakian perfume bottle sits inside of a hinged gold filigree footed basket. The filigree is adorned with White enamel and Green rhinestones of various shapes. Measuring 2" tall and marked "Irice" on the base. This little bottle is small in size, but, big in personality, this unusual perfume bottle is A MUST HAVE for all mini perfume bottle collectors. ID=M21a
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M22c
This jeweled mini perfume bottle measures just 1 5/8" tall at the top center or just 2" at the tip of the stopper. The clear glass bottle is completely encased in a gold filigree metal jacket that is decorated with Green jewels, with White enameled accents. The matching stopper has the mounted metal tag with "Czechoslovakia" on it. In beautiful condition, the glass dauber remains, as does the lingering scent of perfume. ID=M22B
Mini Perfume  ID M23A

This vintage Czech perfume bottle is comprised of Green Malachite. The bottle features irises on both the front and back of the bottle -- Very pretty. The capstone has a matching Green stone. ID=M23a

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M24
This mini perfume bottle is 2 1/4" tall. The bottle is black glass encased in filigree. The entire front of the bottle features rhinestones. The stopper has its original dauber and has filigree with a Black stone crowning it's top. A metal tag on the stopper is engraved "Austria." ID=M24 $115.00
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M25A
This little Czech perfume bottle is an absolute treasure. The clear perfume bottle is encased in a Gold filigree cage adorned with Red rhinestones. The top of the bottle features a Red Rhinestone capstone. In excellent condition this little beauty retains the original dauber for the application of your favorite perfume. ID=M25A
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M27A
This tiny Czech perfume bottle measures 1 3/4" tall. The glass bottle is visible underneath the Gold filigree jacket. Mounted on the center of this little bottle is an Aqua Rhinestone. The center stone is flanked with a matching Aqua stone on each side. In addition to the Rhinestones, there are three floral shaped enameled decorations. The capstone features a matching prong set Aqua stone. This vintage bottle is signed on a metal tag, Czechoslovakia. ID=M27A
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M28
Standing just 3 3/4" tall, this German figural perfume bottle is big with attitude. This little lady is dressed in a Pink gown with a green Bodice, skirt inset and a long bow tied in back. Her hat is Pink with a matching Green bow. Her hands are placed firmly on her hips and in her right hand she is holding a bouquet of dangling flowers. So precious! Impressed on the bottom of the back of her skirt are the numbers, 24423 believe, they are hard to read. On the base of this little bottle there is a sticker with "BLEEE" I suppose it was the name given to her by her former owner. This perfume bottle was made in Germany. In excellent condition, this little lady would be an asset to your crowntop perfume bottle collection. ID=M28B
Mini Perfume Bottle ID M29
Standing just 4 1/8" in height this little man looks to be meeting a special lady. He is dressed in formal attire, complete with a top hat, and in his right hand there is a bouquet of flowers. The look on his face is quite serious. Marked on the base are the numbers: 25298. On the base of the bottle there is a sticker which reads "THEE", apparently the name the former owner had given to him. In excellent condition, this figural perfume bottle would be an asset to your collection. ID=M29
Mini Perfume  ID M30B

Standing just 1 5/8" this Czech mini is big on personality. The glass bottle is wrapped in gold metal filigree completely around the bottle. The front of the bottle features an oval varigated plaque in Red. The stopper has the matching Red capstone. In very nice condition, the dauber remains intact, however it is a bit wobbly. ID=M30B

Mini Perfume Bottle ID M31
This figural German perfume bottle stands 3" tall. It is so cute, depicting an Ostrich with his head down, but not in the sand! It is comprised of porcelain with hand painted accents. Signed on the base in Red, there is Germa with the remaining letters missing. It also has 9668 incised on the back of the bottle. These crowntop figural bottles are becoming hard to find. ID=M31
Mini Perfume  ID M32

For those of you who love CUT CRYSTAL Czech mini perfume bottles; I recently purchased a collection that included cut crystal mini perfume bottles. I will be listing these mini bottles on PAGE 4 of the Czech Perfume Bottle section.
Czech Perfume Bottle ID CZ163
This vintage Czech perfume bottle is too cute! Standing 2 1/8" tall, the bottle is clear glass. Mounted on the top of the bottle is a Blue stone with faceted Blue glass dangles attached to the chains. These Irice purse bottles are becoming very popular. ID=CZ163
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This page last updated on: December 25, 2019
We just purchased an estate with some gorgeous jeweled Czech mini perfume bottles in it. We are working on the images and will have them online as soon as we can finish the photos. Please check back during the month of January!

We have jeweled Czech minis perfumes, Figural Crowntops, Enameled glove                         bottles, and some very unusual Victorian perfume bottlles.
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