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Antique Vanity Accessories (Item Nos. 1-30)
Vintage Atomizer ID V1c

We are pleased to offer this Victorian dresser jar for sale.

This gorgeous trinket jar, jewelry casket comes to us from a long time collector of vanity items. Standing 3 3/8" tall and measuring 3 3/4" across at the widest point this is perfect to hold your rings bracelets or any of your favorite jewelry on your night table. Embellished with hand applied enameled flowers and mounted on three golden feet. The hinges are tight and work properly.

This one-of-a-kind dresser jar will be a wonderful gift for lovers of Victoriana or just beautiful gilded objects de art.

Vintage Atomizer ID v2
What a beauty! This antique powder jar is AMBER glass. There is a Gold filigree band encircling the entire body of the base. The matching lid features a Fleur-de- lis adorned with Red and Green stones mounted on the detailed metal background. Stamped on the inside of the lid, "24 KT GOLD PLATED". This lovely powder/ trinket jar measures 2 1/2" tall and 5" across. I believe it was produced by Apollo, Silvercraft or E.T.& B. in the 1920's. ID=V2 $195.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V3A

Here is another gilded lily for all of the ladies who love fancy jeweled objects

I have the pleasure of offering this jeweled trinket box for sale. It measures 3" in height and is 3 3/8" across. The base is a lovely pattern and is heavy for its size. The lid is a mass of Gold filigree on the top and on the sides as well. Mounted on the center of the lid is a bezel set Amethyst colored jewel. The lid fits properly, and looks beautiful. In excellent condition, do not miss this one-of-a-kind trinket box/jewelry casket. ID=V3A
Vintage Atomizer ID V4A
Made in France. This vintage powder jar/trinket box is comprised of White porcelain, with Gilt accents around the scalloped edge, the Lid of this powder is crowned with a bouquet of flowers which look like they were just gathered in the French countryside. This trinket box measuring 4 1/4" across, and approximately 2' in height. In wonderful condition, with a few scattered miniscule chips on the underside of the lid, that cannot be seen with the lid in place. Mentioned strictly for the sake of accuracy. Marked on the base in Green, LIMOGES, made in France. ID=V4A $65.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V5B
This VICTORIAN powder jar is Fabulous. It is Cobalt Blue with raised enameled flowers in hues of Gold, and White. It is mounted on a footed ormolu stand and measures 3.25 X 3.75. This RARE antique dresser jar is in wonderful condition and would be a gorgeous addition for your dresser tray. ID=V5 $425.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V6
This is a set of two VICTORIAN era vanity jars. They each have sixteen panels encircling the bases of the jars. Their tops are a Gold colored metal with lovely Victorian detail, as well as a prong set AMETHYST stone. This little set is so pretty and delicate. They would look lovely on your vanity. ID=V6 pending
Vintage Atomizer ID V7C
This Pale Pink vanity set was made by Fenton. It consists of two perfume bottles, and a matching powder jar. I believe that the shape is known as Melon. This set is in very good condition and would be a great gift for a Fenton collector. ID=V7A $195.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V8B
Here is another treasure for the collectors of Fenton. This trinket/dresser jar measures 6' across and stands just under 6" tall with the lid in place. It is a Pale Pink, with a Clear handled lid. In great condition, it would be a nice addition to your collection. ID=V8B $85.00
Vintage Atomizer ID v9
I was going through a box of things that I had packed away years ago and found two bottles of GUERLAIN talc. This bottle is by GUERLAIN and is the fragrance SHALIMAR. The bottle is frosted glass, the label is in perfect condition and so Art Deco. Black and white, great graphics! NET WGT 4 OZ. This would look great on a shelf in your dressing area or on your vanity tray. ID=V9 $55.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V10A
This Czechoslovakian perfume set is very pretty and very unusual. The perfume atomizer stands 5 7/8" tall. The powder/trinket jar is 2 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" across. The opaque lavender and white glass is a very soft and pretty combination. This set dates from the 1920's and is in very nice original condition. ID=V10A $245.00
Vintage Atomizer ID v11
This elegant depression era vanity tray was produced by the Apollo Company of New York. It measures 8 3/4" in length by 4 7/8" at its widest point. The base is Amber colored glass, and has compartments that held make up, powder, and rouge. Marked on the base "PAT APPLD FOR" The top is Gold colored metal and is marked APOLLO on the underside. I have three of these vanity trays, one with Green jewels, the other has a portrait. I am downsizing my collection, so, this is a good place to start. ID=V11 $275.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V12
This vanity jar is clear crystal with panels encircling the entire jar. The lid is embossed Sterling Silver with a floral motif, and is pierced in six places which are carefully hidden in the design. This was done during the manufacturing process, which leads me to believe that this jar was was used for sachet, or perhaps powder. There is a monogram in the center which looks like the letter "G", however I can't be certain. Measuring 2' across and 1 1/2' tall, this covered jar could also be used as a ring box. ID=V12A $195.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V14B
This Victorian dresser box is exquisite. The shape of this piece is similar to a Wavecrest dresser box. This delicate dresser box is comprised of Green Satin glass and features hand applied enameled flowers in shades of Pink and White. It measures approximately 3.75" tall X 3.75" at the widest point. The mounts are tight and in very good condition. You can store your favorite treasures in this lovely dresser box or just admire it in your Curio Cabinet as I am currently doing. (C) ID=V14B $295.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V15
This Blue opaline dresser box measures 4.75' tall and is 4.75" across. The embossed ormolu mounts are in excellent condition, with tight hinges. I suspect that this piece sat on the dresser and was admired, not used. Unmarked, I believe it is of French origin, and dates from the Victorian era. In excellent condition, this beauty deserves a place on your vanity tray. Please contact me if you need additional photos. ID=V15 $625.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V16a
This GORGEOUS Apollo jewelry casket, is my all time favorite. This footed jewelry box has a bezel set Guilloche plaque mounted on the top. Around the plaque there are rays extending from the center to the outside edges around the entire top of the box. There must be close to one hundred rays. Mounted on the sides of the top there are fabulous embossed filigree plaques. The top of the casket has a mounted rope decoration which encircles the entire top. The sides of the jewelry casket have a continuous sheet of gold ormolu. This highly desireable Jewelry casket measures 10.5" in length, is 6.75" in depth, and stands 3.5" tall, this piece is outstanding! ID=V16A $550.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V17C
This lovely antique trinket box is what is known to collectors as moriage. Measuring 4' across and is 2 1/2" tall. The box is comprised of porcelain. There is a floral bouquet on the center of the lid, with beads of moriage in Blue, Green, Pale Pink and Plum, with Navy accents covering most of the surface. The base of the jar features a bouquet on the front and back with the matching moriage encircling the entire base. I believe that it is unsigned Nippon, as this gorgous piece was part of a collection of Nippon that I acquired at an estate sale in Virginia City, Nevada. ID=V17C $195.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V18A
This vintage trinket jar or powder box was imported to the United States from Czechoslovakia, prior to 1938. It is comprised of Yellow satin glass with Black enameled decorations. The gold metal top is very detailed with beautiful embossing. The center Yellow molded flower focal point has alternating decorations surrounding it. This powder jar measures approximately 4 3/4" across. There is a paper label present, which reads, made in Czechoslovakia. In excellent condition this would be a lovely container to hold your cherished trinkets. ID=V18A $235.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V19
This trinket jar/powder jar is sky Blue in color. It measures 3 1/2" tall and is 3 1/2" across. The base is ground and polished, which is a sign of quality vintage glass. I just noticed a chip on the lid, on the ring on the underside. This does not show with the lid in place, however I am taking this in to consideration and pricing it accordingly. ID=V19 $35.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V20A
This vintage trinket jar is Wedgewood Blue with White applied decorations. It is egg shaped and measures 4 1/2" in length and is 2 3/8" wide. The base of entire box has a molded pattern featuring Roses and Ivy. Mounted on the top of the box, there is an applied Cameo surrounded by Roses. Just lovely! ID=V20A $75.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V22A
We are offering for sale this lovely Czech powder/dresser box. Dating from the 1920's-30's, it is BLUE hand crystal and measures 4 1/8" in diameter at the widest point and stands 2 1/2" tall. The lid is deeply hand-cut with a fan design surrounding the flower in the center. The bottom has a hand cut star design and is acid etched "Made in Czechoslovakia" in a circle. This dresser/trinket box is in great condition, and would compliment a Czechoslovakian perfume bottle. ID=V22A $135.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V23
This vintage Czech powder jar would be a perfect match for your Blue and Crystal Czechoslovakian perfume bottle. Measuring approximately 3 3/8" across, the top is Blue, the base is Clear Crystal. There is a stylized star focal point, on the center of the top, with eighteen panels radiating outwards. I would describe this piece as being simple yet elegant. Signed on the base with an acid etch, Czechoslovakia. This is a lovely piece for your collection. ID=V23 $165.00
Vintage Atomizer ID V24
This vintage Czechoslovakian powder jar measures just 4" across. It is elaborately cut, with alternating panels encircling the entire jar. In excellent condition, this would be a lovely addition for your vanity area. ID=V24 $135.00
Mini Perfume Bottle ID cz47a
What a great perfume set. This vintage perfume set consists of a cut glass perfume bottle and a matching powder jar. The PINK perfume bottle stands 5 5/8" tall. Its base is exquisitely cut, and divided in to three sections. The pierced stopper is cut in the same style. Marked on the bottom "Made in Czechoslovakia". The powder jar is 3 1/4" across and beautifully cut. It has fleabites, however, overall it is in good condition. Signed on the base "Made in Czechoslovakia". This vintage perfume set is an eye-catcher and would look fabulous on your vanity tray. ID=CZ47A
Vintage Atomizers
Vintage Atomizers
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We are currently working on a new collection of vanity items that were just purchased
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